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Chewy, Fudgy Brownies

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These brownies are not for the faint of heart. So rich. So chewy. So divine. I found the recipe here and decided, for once, to change nothing. Add a little powdered sugar to the top for decoration, but otherwise make these exactly how the recipe states. They are so perfect!

I’ve made brownies many times before, of course, but never this recipe so it is still new, right? I was craving brownies so badly I just had to make some! Perhaps it is because of the proximity to Valentine’s Day, but all I can think of is chocolate, cherries, decadence, and love. Next weekend I plan to make chocolate covered cherries (they need to sit for about a week in a cool area to be perfect) to take on our romantic getaway to the beach. If you are also seeing red try one of these recipes: White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Brownies. If there is one thing I have learned in my relationship with Kev it’s that good food is the best gift. If you aren’t feeling especially domestic you can always go for the tried and true chocolate covered strawberries. Who doesn’t love those?!

Check back this weekend for chocolate covered cherries, as well as my grandma’s famous Valentine’s candy recipe (friends know it as the peppermint Christmas candy I failed to make in 2009). Super easy, but very special you will want to make this recipe part of your family tradition just as it has been a part of mine.

Hope you all have a lovely week!


Author: Kendra

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