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Portland to Portland 2010: Food, Ferry Rides and more


In April we traveled from Portland, OR to Portland, ME. We flew in to Boston and drove to Gorham, ME, just east of Portland in a rad Nissan Altima hybrid. Despite the cold and rain we had a really good time. Since it is unlikely that any of you would be super interested in the mundane details of our trip I will briefly sum up the major events here and defer you my webshots account for photos. Pictures speak a thousand words, right?

Okay, so we were in Maine for 4 days and in that time we probably ate enough to feed a small country. We aren’t proud of how much we ate, but we had to try everything. They have food in Maine we had never heard of! Highlights: mashed potato pizza (mashed potatoes, bacon, etc.), shaved chicken sandwich, baked beans, pork chops and chicken cooked by the PineCrest Inn’s chef. 


They also have no shortage of great sweet treats in Maine. I indulged in a chocolate covered whoopie pie, a piece of bacon covered in chocolate (WOW! so good!), and lots of popcorn. Speaking of popcorn, this snack is very popular in Maine even though Mainers don’t seem to think so. They are in denial if you ask me. All the bars and pubs have popcorn instead of peanuts and many shops have popcorn for shoppers. Plus, there is a store with nothing but popcorn for sale in every flavor imaginable. Seriously, I think they have a problem, but as many of you know it’s one I’m glad they have. I ate more than my fair share of popcorn while we were there and after we got home.

Some of the best food we ate was actually prepared at the Inn. Every morning the owners, Matt and Amy made delicious breakfast for us. We experience eggs and feta for the first time, the most amazing french toast either of us have ever had, and the BEST coffee EVER. It’s a secret recipe that they were more than willing to share with us. But I’m not going to tell you unless you ask. 🙂

The Inn itself was the major highlight of our trip. We splurged on dinner one night when they had a live jazz guitarist playing. Not only was the food SO amazing, the waitress, the wine, and the chef, Mo, pushed the whole evening over the top. If there weren’t 20 other places we wanted to try we would have eaten there every night. That’s just how good it was. The room we stayed in wasn’t to shabby either.

The Covington

Covington Bathroom

As far as the sights to see Matt mapped out a lighthouse tour for us so we got to see all the lighthouses in the area. They are all so different and it was really cool to see them so we were glad for the help with that. Portland itself is so historical that a lot of the fun was just the old buildings and cobblestone streets. It doesn’t hurt that the streets are lined with trees in true New England fashion or that the whole city is right on the water. Despite the fact that the weather wasn’t great it was still very pretty. The only negative to the scenery was the abundance of cigarette butts laying everywhere. I actually had to snap a pic with my phone camera because it was so unbelievably disgusting. There were few trash cans around town and not a single recycling bin as far as we could see. That and the disappointing bookstores are the only things we have to gripe about Portland. Seriously, though, one bookstore smelled so  bad of smoke we couldn’t stay long, not to mention the books stack up randomly on the floor. Weird.

The libraries were awesome! Gorham has a sweet library with murals painted by Cathryn Falwell, author and illustrator of such books as Scoot! and the library also had a King Reading Room name for, you guessed it, Stephen King. He apparently has relatives in Gorham. Too bad he wasn’t visiting when we were there. Kev would have died! The Portland library had just reopened the day we arrived after a huge remodel. It was very nice inside but the staff left much to be desired. They were not friendly or helpful. I had to talk to three different people before someone would give me a library card. I even offered to pay for it! Sheesh!

Now on to Ferry Rides. We had a brilliant idea to take a ferry to one of the surrounding islands. We chose Long Island because we heard there was an awesome trail to walk on in any season. We bought out tickets on this beautiful day and boarded the ferry. It promptly turned black and started to rain. “That’s okay” we said. There will surely be a nice coffee shop for us to sit in to wait out the rain. We got off the ferry and walked to a row of buildings. All closed. Fantastic! I forgot the umbrella in the car. I also opted not to bring a hooded sweatshirt since the day had been so nice and warm. So we were completely soaked through and had 45 minutes to wait in the covered hut for the ferry to return.

Kendra, aka "Drowned Rat"

Well, that about sums up Portland. To see pictures of awesome buildings and houses we wished we owned check out our pictures at Do a Member Search for klmpeace.

Author: Kendra

Children's Librarian in the Northwest. Lover of toddlers, twitter, and TV (T's, too, apparently!).

3 thoughts on “Portland to Portland 2010: Food, Ferry Rides and more

  1. Happy to hear you enjoyed our neck of the world. Thanks for mentioning my murals!

    • When I first walked downstairs I thought “That art looks familiar.” The librarian there told me you did it. Super exciting since I use your books in storytime all the time! Thanks for adding such brightness to the world!

  2. I love your blogs!! This one was my favorite as you mentioned your travels to the marvelous east coast. I hope won’t mind I featured it on my own blog to show what an amazing writer you are!

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