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Flannel Friday: Deep Blue Sea

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For ever and ever I have loved this book and it really does seem to scream “flannel-ize me!”. Or maybe I’m just nuts (or both).

Once again, the inspiration to do this came from the ALSC blog about Special Needs storytime. If you are considering or are currently offering this kind of programming I HIGHLY recommend you read that blog series. DO IT. I’ll make it easy for you. Here’s the link: Special Needs Programming

Extra thanks to Miss Celeste for her awesome rainbow and fish makin skills! She even got that purple in so I wouldn’t get in trouble with the kiddos for not having all the colors. In this case indigo and violet are both represented by dark purple. Sorry, kids, no flannel in indigo.

And now for our key players’ close up:

Also, if any of you are reading this and haven’t read The Deep Blue Sea by Audrey and Bruce Wood go get it right now. The illustrations are all digital which the kids actually seem to really like and it’s prefect for numbers. I’ve used in Toddler storytime and Preschool with success.

Check out today’s roundup at Anna’s blog Future Librarian Superhero and check out the Pinterest account (just click on the awesome Flannel Friday badge on my blog median). Also, Flannel Friday is now on the Facebook! Woohoo!

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