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Baby Storytime: I Kissed the Baby!


It was such an icky rainy day, but the regulars still came out for storytime! What troopers.

For me, this was one of those storytime days…we’ve all had them… where I just couldn’t seem to muster the energy needed to get super hyped up and excited for the storytime. It doesn’t happen often, but it did today. It was still a good time, but I was disappointed with myself because everything seemed so flat. That paired with the fact that two moms wanted to chat the entire time, it was kind of an off day. Usually, in a larger group, I’d ask the moms to save their convo for after storytime, but the group was so small I felt it would only make people uncomfortable.  And since my policy is usually no tolerance that was weird, too. Maybe something in the water…

Anyway, on to the storytime. Here’s the outline and, as usual, check here for words to rhymes.


If You’re Happy and You Know It


Noble Duke of York


Icky Bicky Soda Cracker


Itsy Bitsy Spider (I always suggest that parents of very little run their fingers up and down baby’s back for the movement instead of doing the hand motions, just to make it a more sensory experience)


Read: I Kissed the Baby (ask the parents to do the motions the books begs to have done)


Scarves: Where is Baby?


Scarves: Mix the Pancake


Shakers: Shake My Sillies Out


Read with shakers: Shake it Baby by Karen Katz

Has a built in rattle so you can shake the book!

Parachute: These are the Colors Over You


Andy Pandy, Sugar and Candy


I Bounce You Here, I Bounce You There


Bubbles: Splish, Splash


The toys go down on the carpet and the tunes are turned on (thank you, Caspar Babypants!) and babes play while grown-ups chat.  Even more than they did through the storytime. What would you do with chatty moms in a cozy baby storytime?

Author: Kendra

Children's Librarian in the Northwest. Lover of toddlers, twitter, and TV (T's, too, apparently!).

2 thoughts on “Baby Storytime: I Kissed the Baby!

  1. If there’s a few who are chronic offenders, I might go up to them after storytime and say something like this: “I love how you guys are so good about bringing your babies to storytime! I know how good it feels to talk with a grownup after spending so much time with your baby, but I’d like to ask you to save your chatting for after, so there’s less distractions for the babies during storytime.” It’s hard to get the nerve up sometimes though!

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