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Toddler Storytime: Music

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This was my first (of many) back to back toddler storytimes. Let’s just say I won’t be needing to work out on Tuesdays.

The groups weren’t too big -35 and 49- which helped a lot and the grown ups were really participating! It’s always nice to look out into a sea of smiling, singing, faces. Once I looked at some chatty moms and said “I need all the grown ups to sing with me!” and they did, so yay!

Here’s what we did:

Clean Up Song by Laurie Berkner-we put out toys for kids to play with while we wait for everyone to arrive and then we get to clean them up. More fun for some than others.

Welcome Song: Clap Everybody and Say Hello by Kathy Reid-Naiman

Read: Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler. This is possibily my most favorite storytime book. It has never failed me and it usually leaves parents sighing with contentment and it calms even the wildest toddler. It’s a magical book, I tell you. Go out and use it!

Action Rhyme: Jump Like a Frog (words found on rhymes page)

Song: Going to Kentucky

Read/Sing: Little White Duck by Walt Whippo. This is a great sing a long book for toddlers because the illustrations are so big and bright. Some parents will know the song or at least the tune. I invite them to sing with me, or just hum along once they get the tune. This version is out of print, of course. If anyone finds themselves with an extra copy, you know where to find me…

Puppets: Old MacDonald Had a Farm. I used hand puppets this time instead of finger puppets so I stored them in a big black garbage bag to keep them out of sight until the song. It worked really well. This time we had a monkey on the farm. And a ruff.

Read/Sing: Babies on the Bus by Karen Katz. Even though this is long, I sing through the whole thing. There’s something about the Wheels on the Bus that keeps toddlers engaged and they never seem to get tired of singing it. It was the last book and they were all rapt.

Shakers: Freeze Dance

I told them to keep their shakers during bubbles because today’s activity was playing with musical instruments. Most of them still wanted to put their shakers away, which was fine because the bin was within reach for them. After we blew bubbles I put down the shaker bin plus two other bins with egg shakers, maracas, cymbals, rhythm sticks, jingle bells, and cage bells. In the first group a clever toddler turn one of the bins upside down and found it to be an excellent drum! Love it!

This is my favorite kind of toddler storytime. What’s yours?


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