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Toddlers: Water, Parachute and Shaving Cream

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We just received these really cool washable fitted table covers for the storytime tables so I just had to use them today. My original plan was to do a zoo theme, but changed at the last minute to water/bathtime to allow the activity to be finger painting in shaving cream.

The books I read:

Animal Baths by Bob Barner

Splish, Splash by Nicola Smee

Little White Duck by Walt Whippo


Songs and Rhymes:

In between books we did a new rhyme (found it on KCLS Tell Me a Story) in addition to rowing our boats, of course.

Bubbly Bubbly Bubble Bath (wiggle fingers)

Filled up to the top (hands above head)

Listen to those bubble bubbles (cup ears)

Pop! Pop! Pop! (clap hands)

Thanks to Anna (see her blog here) being in the twitterverse just when I needed her we had an awesome parachute session. How could I not use the parachute for a water theme. It’s just so perfect!

With everyone in a circle and grown ups (and some toddlers) holding on to the parachute we chanted:

Row boat, row boat go so fast (shake the chute fast)

Row boat, row boat go so slow (wave the chute slowly)

Row boat, row boat the waves are getting worse (shake fast again)

Row boat, row boar put it in reverse (stop the chute by pulling towards you)

We repeated a couple of times accompanied by VERY loud squeals of delight from all the kids.

Then we sang These are the Colors Over You (on my Rhymes page) to calm everyone down again before blowing bubbles and getting messy.



For the activity I had the tables covered with our new table cloths and parents were told they could use a smock for their child if they wanted to. Then I squirted piles of shaving cream on the tables and let the kids go after it. They absolutely loved squishing and wiping and drawing on the table and many had to be dragged away. The great thing about shaving cream is that it’s clean. So clean up is pretty easy-just wipe everyone down with a wet cloth (they have access to a bathroom and our kitchen sink for these kinds of activities as well) and they are good to go.

And now I’m ready for a nap (and maybe a nice, hot bath, too!).



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