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Baby Storytime: Sleepytime

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Such a dark and dreary day today (would you STOP already, rain?!) I was surprised how many we had for baby time. Only 9 in the first session but 48 in the second (heads, not babies).

This past week, I attended the WAEYC conference here in Vancouver. That stands for Washington Association for the Education of Young Children. I love the idea of a conference for anyone involved in the education of young children and there were even a couple library folks presenting.  Mostly this conference is advertised and targeted to preschool, infant, toddler and early elementary teachers. My boss thought it would be a good idea for my co-worker and I to attend since there was a lot there we could apply to the library. I took a lot away from the 6 sessions I attended and one of those things was the need for more joint conferences and collaborations with youth librarians and early childhood educators. We should all really be on the same page! Plus, I learned a lot of things they’ve been doing for years and they were just talking about things that we, as librarians have been doing for years. The moral: if you have an opportunity to attend or present at a conference for teachers, DO IT! And be sure to invite educators to sessions at your state conferences (maybe work with your association to get them a good deal?).

Anyway, aside from this eyeopener, the best session I attended was all about music with the very young. I was hoping to learn some new songs and resources for music and that’s exactly what I got. And more! Sandi and Suzanne from the Seattle area are educators for the wee ones. Not only were they a riot, they know their stuff. So, for an hour we sat in a circle and sang songs and talked about ways to modify them, add verses, add props, etc. Then they gave us a CD they recorded (for teaching purposes only, not for entertainment reads the disclaimer) of about 30 songs they use in their classrooms. I’ve already used one of the songs in baby storytime (see outline below) and have about 10 of them starred to use the next few weeks. Can’t wait!


Hello Bubbles

Penny Pointers

Noble Duke of York

Bouncing (this is the new one!)-some day I’ll figure out how to get sound files on here so you can here the tune

Bouncing, bouncing, baby on my knee (or you can say baby’s name in stead of “baby”)

Bouncing, bouncing 1 2 3! (lift on 3)

Clapping, clapping, with baby on my knee

Clapping, clapping, 1 2 3!

Repeat with hugging, kissing, more bouncing, or whatever! They LOVED this and it’s SUPER SIMPLE!

Book: Sleepytime Rhyme by Remy Charlip  This is just the sweetest poem and it’s great for storytime because parents can touch all the body parts we are talking about in the poem.

Stand Ups:

Andy Pandy Sugar and Candy

Let’s Go Riding in an Elevator


Book: Kiss, Tickle, Cuddle, Hug by Susan Musgrave


Where is Baby?

Popcorn popcorn / put it in the pot / shake it shake it / POP POP POP!

Popcorn: Put the oil in the pot/make it real hot/put the popcorn in/and begin to grin/sizzle sizzle sizzle POP!

Cheek Chin

Cuckoo Clock

Goodbye Bubbles





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