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Baby Storytime: New Month, New Props

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It’s November! I’ve decided to rotate props each month and since we used scarves all last month, I’ve tucked them away for some new things. Today we played with the parachute and shakers.
Today was also the first day showing our new Storytime Expectations slide. To be more consistent as a department we came up with an acrostic to explain our expectations of storytime. We’ve been working on this a while so some of you might remember giving me suggestions for the “I”months ago. Thanks! We are going to project it on the wall during before and after storytime each day, calling attention to it at the beginning of storytime. I actually left it up the whole storytime this morning, unintentionally, but will probably continue doing that for baby time since a lot of the late moms read it as they settled in.

Here’s what the slide looks like:

We’ll see if there’s any change in chatty and cell phone behaviors over time. At least we can all feel better about never being “the bad guy” since we will all be using the same set of guidelines.


Here’s today’s storytime outline. You can find words to songs and rhymes here.

Welcome song: Hello Bubbles

Song: Penny Pointers

Lift: Noble Duke of York

Wiggler: Wake Up Toes

Book: Little White Duck by Walt Whippo

Parent Tip: Books you can sing are great for babies and toddlers with short attention spans. They love the sound of your voice so even if they aren’t looking at the book, or are crawling around, you can keep singing and they’ll still be listening and soaking up all those great words.

Parachute: These are the Colors Over You

Parachute: Peek-a-Boo

Book: Peekaboo Baby by Margaret Miller

Shakers: Shake My Sillies Out – Raffi

Shakers: We’re Tapping – Kathy Reid-Naiman

Bounce & Lift: Zoom Zoom Zoom

Lift: Cuckoo Clock

Goodbye Bubbles


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