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Storytime in Action: Penny Pointers


Despite the fact that I was NOT originally planning to share this video (I was just practicing using the equipment for a speaker later) so it’s not the best quality, it at least gives you an idea of what baby storytime looks when I’m behind the wheel. The MOST helpful thing for me in developing storytimes has been watching others in action. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent on youtube and in other people’s storytimes just watching and learning. We are never done learning and as someone who gets bored fairly easily… learning new songs, rhymes, books, to use in storytime is invaluable.

Maybe the video I’ll share today and ones in the future will be helpful to you, too. I hope so!

Thank goodness this was a small group since I didn’t get permission from moms to post this (again, was not planning on using them but couldn’t stand to see them go to waste!). Hopefully I can get permission from them so I can post others soon!

First up: Penny Pointers

Author: Kendra

Children's Librarian in the Northwest. Lover of toddlers, twitter, and TV (T's, too, apparently!).

4 thoughts on “Storytime in Action: Penny Pointers

  1. Hey Kendra,
    I was trying to see your video (which I am sure is awesome despite video quality) but it comes up saying “this is private”. Is there a magic word or process I need to do? 🙂

  2. Yay, you taught me a new song! Thank you for sharing the video. I don’t get many chances to see other librarians in action during storytime, so it was great seeing something new.

    • Yay! I troll YouTube looking for videos for the same reason. So much better seeing it in action rather than reading about it. Thanks for commenting and being so supportive. 🙂 Maybe we’ll see you in action soon…

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