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Angry Birds Program

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Last month two of my co-workers held an Angry Birds program for school agers. It was such a smashing success I asked them to write something up for this blog. So here’s Jessica:

In January, we had an Angry Birds program as part of our weekly rotation of programs for school children (ages 6-11). The room was set-up with three different activity areas.

The most popular activity by far was the life-size Angry Birds game. We used large empty cardboard boxes as the blocks and a red rubber ball served as the bird. I printed off an 8.5×11 size image of the bird’s face from Pinterest and attached it to the ball with rubber cement. We also blew up green balloons and my talented co-worker drew pigs’ faces on them with a black Sharpie. The kids took turns setting up the boxes in different configurations and then chucking the ball at the structure. We had extra balloons on hand, but only one popped during the two hour event. We had a staff person in the room to make sure the kids took turns. Several boys ended up having as much fun making challenging box arrangements as throwing the ball. We positioned the boxes at the end of the room away from the other activities and taped a line on the floor for the kids to stand behind to throw.





We also had one table set up with Dixie cups in various pyramid shapes and another with art supplies to make pigs and birds out of colored pom-poms. The kids made their own birds and pigs and then shot them at the Dixie cups. We originally planned to create launchers for the pom-poms, but, when they didn’t work, decided flicking them was effective. We put out googly eyes and colored paper to make beaks and eyebrows. I also found a sheet of character faces online from Craft, Interrupted. These were easy to cut out and stick on to make quick birds and pigs. Tacky Glue worked well for attaching items to the pom-poms. We used pre-bought pom-poms, rather than the popular make-your-own yarn version. It was fun for them to have a mini game they could take home.


The third station offered crayons and pages from an Angry Birds activity book we found at Target for $1. It had pictures, mazes, crosswords, etc. It was a nice option for kids waiting their turn in the life-size game and for younger siblings.Image

Overall, this was one of the most successful programs we have offered during the school year. The kids all had a blast and several of them come back now on a regular basis.

Thanks, Jessica and Lindsay, for sharing and for organizing such a successful program! Did you all notice the boys? LOTS OF BOYS!!! THIS IS A GREAT PROGRAM TO GET BOYS TO THE LIBRARY!!!!


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