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Baby Storytime: Visual Tour


One of the things I kind of love about our profession is how ideas seem to come to several of us all at once. So we all get jazzed about the same kind of thing all together. Anyway, something was floating out there for a run down of baby storytime, including room set up and basic process. I had a draft of this, specific to my storytime because after all this time blogging about baby storytime, I realized no one knows what it actually looks like.  Last week Brooke blogged about her baby storytime and it gave me some great ideas! And I think I’ve found a kindred spirit as her set up looks an awful lot like mine. 🙂

Seeing how others set up the room, etc. was so helpful to me when I started doing baby storytime 5 years ago. Little things like nametags, words on the wall, and what goes on the floor make a big difference in storytime. If you’ve never seen a baby storytime the set-up part can be hard. There are lots of storytime plans out there for content, but how do you arrange the babies and the grown ups? Do put things on the floor? What things? How can I make the room welcoming to participants? I’ve been setting up this way for many years and it has worked really well. I didn’t always have books on the floor during storytime but added those a few years ago because not all babies are the sit and listen types. It’s nice to give them something interesting in the center of our circle to play with and look at while we are singing and rhyming. They’re still soaking up everything we say and they’re happy not being trapped in a lap (and mom’s comfortable knowing he isn’t escaping).

Visual Tour of Baby Storytime:

Decided to get brave and try Vine (thanks, Mollie for your help!) instead of using just pictures.

Here’s the Vine link (could not get it to imbed!):

Baby Storytime

Pictures, too!






photoMagnetic wall makes hanging songs up SO easy!


How do you set up storytime?




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4 thoughts on “Baby Storytime: Visual Tour

  1. Yay for kindred spirits– great minds and all that. I always know to come to your blog when I need some inspiration on my storytimes 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much of your work with us!

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