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Videos and Tips, Oh My!: Start with a Book Blog Tour

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So glad Amy at The Show Me Librarian invited me to participate in this blog tour. The Start with a Book site is a GOLD MINE! The following is a brief overview of a couple of features (there’s SO much on the website you could spend HOURS reading looking through it) I plan to incorporate into my library programs and services. So glad Amy of Show Me Librarian invited me to participate in this blog tour


There are many great videos on the site, like the one on the Fluent Kids of three girls reading The Wizard, The Fairy, and the Magic Chicken. I’ve been inspired to do reader’s theater with my parent/child book group this summer and share this video at the beginning of our meeting so the kids can get a better idea of how the process works.  While I have the website up on the screen, I’ll invite parents to go back to the Fluent Kids page when they go home. There are some great ideas for developing fluency at home (reread favorite books, of course!) and while I won’t have time to talk about all of them, I’m sure many parents will want to read the information on the site. I do plan to highlight the “Record It” (scroll down to that section) idea to let kids make their own audiobook. What a great way to practice reading and fluency, especially for those kids who love to be the star. We may even do that in book club…


The tip of the day is an AWESOME feature of the site. Not only do they prominently display the tip on the home page, but you can sign up for tips to be delivered to you via text. My first thought was to share these tips on Facebook once a week, or so, and in storytime, directing patrons back to the website to soak up more literacy information. These tips are written in English AND Spanish! This is especially helpful to me as my Spanish skills are super rusty, but I’d still like to offer quality literacy tips to my Spanish speaking parents. That just got a lot easier. I hope to include tips in Spanish appropriate to the younger set of children on my summer storytime handout. I also love that Start with a Book links to these tip sheets from their Reading Aloud page (in 10 languages other than English!). It’s wonderful having access to all these resources in one place!

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