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Guerrilla Storytime @ ALA 2013

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Guerilla Storytime version 3 for blog

Are you a youth librarian, have questions about storytime and want to see the answer in action (and/or share your solutions/ideas)?

Are you a non-youth library person and want to know what the heck storytime is all about?

Just want to have fun, be silly, and talk with some really cool people (I mean, we’re all cool so you can lose, right?)?

Then come on down!

We’ll be in the Uncommons on Friday and Saturday at 3pm. There will be demonstrations, silliness, music, and more. Get your questions answered, contribute to questions, talk about storytime, network, take a break before whatever session you’re headed to and get your wiggles out. Amy discusses this event more eloquently than I here.

Thanks to Cory for coming up with this brilliant idea! It’s going to be a blast. And very educational too. In her words “Guerrilla Storytime is an opportunity for youth services professionals to learn from each other in a informal, off-the-cuff, highly interactive drop-in session.” So, be ready to share your ideas with your colleagues!

I’ll see you there. With bells on. There WILL be bells.

Author: Kendra

Children's Librarian in the Northwest. Lover of toddlers, twitter, and TV (T's, too, apparently!).

One thought on “Guerrilla Storytime @ ALA 2013

  1. Wish I could be there Kendra. Great idea!

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