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Storytime Undergound

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This blog has been slow lately, but it’s for good reason. I’ve been helping build a community. Cory Eckert had this great idea to start this community where people who do storytime could get and share advice and advocate for storytime at the same time. The HOW and WHY behind storytime. She says it much better than I in the first Storytime Underground post.

Anyone who provides storytime or is interested in early literacy should definitely visit the site. I would also encourage you to show the site to managers and others who might have a say in storytimes and early literacy in your library and community.

If you really know your stuff, please consider signing up to be a Storytime Ninja. If you sign up, you will receive emails with questions to answer about storytime. You can choose to answer the question, or skip it if aren’t jiving with that particular question. The question and answers will be posted on the website with your name (and blog and/or twitter handle) attached to the answer.

If you have some AMAZING early literacy research, websites, anything like that, please share it with us so we can post it to the Armory of Awesome. Or ask to write a guest post about it.

These are just a couple ways to be involved with this movement. Go here for information about participating.

Oh, and in looking for an awesome gorilla picture to attach to this blog, I saw this one. And for some reason it cracks me up so much so you get to see it, too.

Very excited gorilla. He clearly needs storytime.

Very excited gorilla. He clearly needs storytime.

This is more how I feel about this project, though.

Hell, yes! We can do this!

Hell, yes! We can do this!

So, let’s do it! We know how important storytime is, so let’s tell the world. Back it up with research and experience, help each other learn and grow, and have a good time doing it.

This has been the best collaboration I have ever been a part of. Amy and Cory are AMAZING women and I have learned so much from them over the last few weeks.This has been, and will continue to be, a wonderful experience for me so a big THANK YOU for letting me be a part of this!


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One thought on “Storytime Undergound

  1. Yeah, GO TEAM! I’m so excited about this!

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