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Flannel Friday Guest Post Palooza: One More Thing Magnet Board


Today Jeri is here to share a super awesome magnet activity. Thanks for being a guest on the blog, Jeri! And Happy Birthday, Flannel Friday! Hard to imagine we ever survived without you. ❤

You can find this week’s round up at What Happens in Storytime…

Hi! My name is Jeri and I work in the Kids Library at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library. I’m so happy to be a “guest poster” for Flannel Friday’s 4th anniversary Guest Post Palooza! I have to say a great big thank-you to those of you who have posted on Flannel Friday. My colleagues and I have found many great ideas on your Pinterest site.

I love to use stories with repeating phrases. Kids really get involved with the story and that makes storytelling so much fun! “One More Thing” is just that type of story. I adapted it from a story in an old periodical called “Storytime Treasures.” This story comes from the June 2002 issue.

I drew my own girl, tub and dresser. The tub has a slit along the front rim for the sticks to slide in. The bubbles are made from a blue plastic report cover cut into circles and glued onto paper.


One More Thing

Synopsis: Cassie has been playing outside all afternoon and needs a bath. Mom calls her in to the bathroom where she has filled the tub with warm water. “Time for your bath, Cassie. Hop in the tub.” Cassie says alright, she will, but the tub needs ONE MORE THING (the repeating phrase). “What?” asks Mom. “Bubbles,” says Cassie. So Mom pours bubbles into the tub.


Each time Mom asks Cassie to get in the tub, Cassie says “Okay, but the tub needs ONE MORE THING!” Cassie gives clues like “something to get me clean” or “something to wash my hair with.” The children guess what it is and I add the item to the magnet board. I like to use three-dimensional or real objects if I can. For the soap, I shaved off the back half of a travel-sized bar and glued a disc magnet on the back. For the shampoo, I emptied a travel bottle, cut it in half and glued on a magnet.


By the time you’ve added the bubbles, soap, shampoo, washcloth and rubber duck, Mom is getting pretty insistent, and the cries of “ONE MORE THING” (by the children) are getting louder and stronger. Finally, Mom says, “Now Cassie, it’s time to get in the tub!” Cassie once more says, “Okay, but the tub needs ONE MORE THING!”  “Yes,” says Mom, “you!” And she plops Cassie in the tub with a splash!



Author: Kendra

Children's Librarian in the Northwest. Lover of toddlers, twitter, and TV (T's, too, apparently!).

6 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Guest Post Palooza: One More Thing Magnet Board

  1. This would be perfect for a pyjama storytime! I could also see the kids really getting into saying, “One more thing!” with you. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Very cute Jeri! Love the use of real items on your magnet board!

  3. I can’t stand how great this is, Jeri. It’s so clever. I’m sharing this one!! Thanks for sharing this!! I hope we’ve inspired you to start your own storytime blog!!

  4. Jeri, it’s just adorable. I love repeating phrases too. The kids get louder as their confidence as storytellers build. great job. ~ jane

  5. Never thought to use 3-D items on my magnet board – this is brilliant! Thanks!

  6. Genius!! love the 3-D objects for the story. Thanks for sharing a terrific post!!

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