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REaD Any Good Books Lately?

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When I started at my library there was an empty shelf range with a slat wall behind it. It just seemed sad, this bare wall and bare shelves, and with shelving space always an issue it almost seemed a crime to leave it empty. For a quick fix, in December I threw up a Newbery poster (Thanks, Amy!), a couple of signs about the various Youth Media Awards and pulled all our Newbery winners and honors to live there until February. It made the space look better, but it wasn’t highly used. I’m honestly not sure many patrons even noticed there was a display there. Of course they didn’t. What is so new and exciting about a Newbery display? Nothing. I mean, sure, it’s cool, but not very flashy for your average 10 year old. I really wanted something interactive so I hit Pinterest hard. After pinning a bunch of stuff I landed on a color display and since it would begin in February…RED! Thanks again to friends, I decided on “REaD Any Good Books Lately?” for the display wording.

red display

But to kick it up a notch and get that interactive piece, I placed red paper folded in half to look like a book on the shelf below the sign. Patrons were instructed to write the name of a favorite book on one of the red paper books and give the paper to a staff person. Then I hung them up so others might get some reading suggestions from their peers. All ages could participate and we had suggestions from Corduroy to The Notebook. 42 suggestions in all!

Everyone loved this display but because I have so much to do and not much time to do it, I will only be able to change them about every 2 months. I’ll be putting up a Poet-tree next. to stay until May and then maybe Summer Reading?

What kinds of displays have been successful in your library? Give me ideas!


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