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Self Care Sundays: Family

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I have missed the last couple of weeks because I’ve been a little bad about dedicating time to myself and not library stuff and the time I have been spending away was playing video games. And pictures of video games are not very interesting. But, after a trip to Portland and getting stocked up on Candy Babel, non-chemical candy, that’s really all I wanted to do. That and watch Friends. So, yeah. That’s what I did for 2 weekends. Until this weekend.

My Mom came to town.


And brought gin. And tonic.

And we played pinochle (if you know what this is and how to play you are my new best friend FYI). A LOT of pinochle. And Kevin and I kicked their asses (sorry, Mom, better luck next time).


And we shopped (we were sober for this part, I swear). I love that my mom still wants to buy me a spring outfit. She has been doing this my whole life and it’s a really fun tradition that I kind of hope never stops.

Here’s me being a dork and “posing” in my new dress/shirt –channeling one of my favorite musicians, can you guess who?


My mom and I are extremely close. And sometimes that means we fight (ok, usually means that) but I love every second of it. The loving, the fighting, the joking, just being in her company. No one gets me more while simultaneously being mystified by many of the things I do and think. There is no substitute for spending time with someone who has unconditional love for you. It heals my soul.

So, my self care for this weekend was choosing to spend with with the people I love the most. Which leads me to… wait for next week! I’m going dancing and touristing (it’s a word now) with one of my best friends (since 10th grade!!) for her birthday extravaganza and IT. WILL. ROCK.

What did you do this week for YOU?

Author: Kendra

Children's Librarian in the Northwest. Lover of toddlers, twitter, and TV (T's, too, apparently!).

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