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Superhero Training Camp and Obstacle Course

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As I am a solo children’s librarian in my very busy branch, I’m always looking for ways to pull off super cool programs with as little prep as possible. Now, I’m also super lucky to work in a system where the other children’s librarians are extremely helpful and collaborative. AND, my branch got a summer reading intern who is beyond fabulous and was SO much help. Biggest props go to Michelle for making the awesome duct tape weights, bowling set, and rings of fire. She used the props in several programs throughout the summer, as well, giving them lots of mileage!

For the Obstacle Course we had these stations (75 in attendance):

Make a Superhero Bookmark


Strike Out the Villains

20150623_141723 20150623_142329

Jump Through the Rings of Fire


Leap Over Buildings in a Single Bound


Laser Maze

20150623_143112 20150623_141136 20150623_141233

Crawl through the Cavern of Doom

20150623_142901 20150623_143010 20150623_141320

Photo Op and Weight Lifting

20150623_142409 20150623_141105

That’s it. They did it over, and over, and over, and over. It was hilarious.

The next month we held Superhero Training Camp with these stations (98 in attendance):

Make a Shield

20150729_150352 20150729_141656 20150729_141640 20150729_134618

Make a Cape (the lame L one is mine, the S one is by our intern-props to Nicole for the idea!)

20150729_150319 20150729_150250 20150729_141734 20150729_134552 20150729_134539

Rings of Fire


Spiderweb Maze

20150729_134435 20150729_134459

Attack the Villains

20150729_134356 20150729_142054

Leap Over Buildings in a Single Bound (repeat)


Photo Op (including the “boulder” that crushed some buildings before)


Certificate and Prize! They become official superheroes, all planning to use their powers for good. (Thanks to Nicole for the Superhero Certificate template!) We had a bunch of stickers and things from those 8×8 paperbacks so each kid got to choose something from the table.


Books on Display, Of Course! All but two were snapped up.


These were both awesome programs. And having some repeat stations made it super easy to pull them both off.

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