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Meet the Art! Jackson Pollock


This was the second and last of the Meet the Art programs (the first one was all about Matisse and cut paper art-SUPER simple if you need an easy, very cheap program that families will LOVE) for the summer and definitely a highlight of my summer programs. There’s pretty much nothing I like more than letting kids be as artistic and messy as they like. We focused on Jackson Pollock this time. I read Action Jackson by Jan Greenberg and then kids got to make paintings in a similar style to Pollock using three different methods. These are all official method names (not at all, I am not a professional artist).

Had lots of books on display and all but 2 were checked out- wahoo!

20150812_134138 20150812_134127

Method 1: Yarn Drip Painting

20150812_134310 20150812_141900 20150812_14312120150812_134410

Method 2: Balls in Box Painting



Method 3: Brush Drip and Spatter Painting.

20150812_134329 20150812_141852 20150812_142215 20150812_143206 20150812_143157 20150812_150044

Even our intern got into it! Thanks, Andrea for having such a good time. I did not mind them getting their hands and feet in it since Jackson himself added hand prints to his art work. I wanted to emphasize that art is created an enjoyed in many ways so encouraged them to do what moved them.


Afterwards, we hung the large art piece on the wall. The paper was from a roll so it was already in strips when I put it on the floor for painting on, and made it super easy to pick up and hang. The other finished artwork hung out to dry while artists checked out books. They picked them up before they left or the next day.

20150813_090720 20150812_150056


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