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After School Math Fun with Crazy 8s

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This Fall we decided to try the Crazy 8’s Math Club. If you haven’t heard about this, read up here. Basically, the amazing people at Bedtime Math send you a ton of supplies to hold amazing math clubs after school. We probably spent about $25 on other necessary supplies. We had a lot of the required supplies laying around already.


I was skeptical that this would work, at first. It’s hard enough to get school age kids in the library after school with programs we know they like, like Legos. But, I was hopeful we could spin math to be as cool as it is. The K-2 group filled up each time, and even thought the 3-5th grade group wasn’t full, we had between 4 and 8 kids each time and we always had a blast. I’m positive they had no idea they were using math half the time.


If you have any questions, I’m happy to chat about it!


Here are some pics from a couple of the programs. Toilet Paper Olympics and Flying Marshmallows (their two favorites, for sure).



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