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Day of Giving and Blog Hiatus

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On this day of giving, I’m giving myself a break.


Obviously, I haven’t been very active here lately. I’ll spare you the details. In short, I’ve been busy. Busier than  I should have allowed myself to become. And, if it’s one thing I’ve learned the last couple of years, it’s that if I want to be a good manager I have to start with myself.

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Ok, but seriously, after months of triage and damage control, something has to give. My current professional commitment load is out of control and it is starting to affect my productivity at work. My head isn’t as clear  as  it needs to be and I’m far less organized than is comfortable or appropriate.


So, the first thing to go is this blog. I won’t be abandoning it completely, but plan to be on  hiatus, at least, until May 2017. Feel free to continue to read older posts, ask questions, email me about past early literacy projects, and share new ideas. Just don’t expect anything new here for a while.


There are other things I’ve taken off my plate during these first 9 months of a new position, and then additional duties to that new position (I’m now supervising 2 branch managers!), but this is the hardest to let go in many ways. Writing is an outlet for me, but the things I am moved to write about in recent times are related to our country’s current state of affairs. At this point I need to spend more time doing something about those affairs than writing about them.

Therefore, you will continue to see me active in ALSC as Co-Chair of the Diversity within ALSC Task Force and ALSC Advocacy and Legislation Committee, whose work I hope will help effect great change in our professional organization and the library services to youth nationwide. Plus, I will still be running my mouth on Storytime Underground.


Thanks to all of you. My personal learning network is incredibly rich because of each of you. I am forever grateful.



Author: Kendra

Children's Librarian in the Northwest. Lover of toddlers, twitter, and TV (T's, too, apparently!).

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