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Dog’s Colorful Day for Flannel Friday

Okay, I know this has been done a gazillion times, but I saw this version on an ALSC blog and had to make it for special needs storytime.  It’s super easy to make, and I think the kids will really like being able to put the dots on themselves.  I used those velcro dots that are sticky on one side and velcro on the other to mark where the dots go. The dots are just felt and the kids will just stick their dot on a velcro dot when we get to their color in the story.

See this in action here: The second video.

When I do this in preschool storytime I put the dots on while reading the story. This way the kids are involved in the story more. I’ve made an extra set of dots so more than 10 children can participate.

To make it more sturdy I’m going to put magnet tape on the back and stick it to a cookie sheet so I can carry it around to non-mobile kids to place their dots.