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Baby Storytime: Pat a Cake

It’s been a while since I’ve done a baby storytime post-just not enough time in a day. Thanks for sticking with me!

What We Did:

Hello Bubbles

Penny Pointers

Zoom Zoom Zoom

This Little Train


Parent Message: It’s ok if they crawl around while we’re reading and rhyming. Just because they aren’t making eye contact, doesn’t mean they aren’t absorbing what we’re doing and saying. We want to make sure books and reading are FUN so we’ll let them participate at their own pace. You can just do what I’m doing if your little one leaves your lap.

Book: Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett (this is one I use ALL THE TIME because it is AMAZING)

Cover Art for Monkey and me

Pizza Pickle Pumpernickel

Bouncing Bouncing



Mix a Pancake

Roly Poly

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Book: Pat a Cake by Annie Kubler (I suggest substituting their baby’s name for “baby” and to mark their cake with the first letter of their baby’s name)

Cover Art Image

Group choices: Ram Sam Sam in #1, and Cheek Chin in #2

Cuckoo Clock

Goodbye Bubbles


Today’s agenda was packed! And so much fun!



All this talk on alsc-l, ALSC blog, and LOTS of other blogs about using digital content and devices in storytime have gotten me thinking about ways to incorporate digital media, or at least tips relating to it, into storytime. The trouble I keep running in to is I do storytime for babies and toddlers. All the messages and information I can think of to spew at parents is all “No, no, no!” and that is NOT the negative kind of energy I want to have in storytime. I DO want them to know the cautions and research in regards to young children and screens, but I DON’T want them to feel as though I’m lecturing them.

So far my ideas for incorporating digital media:

-simply using the projector to broadcast words to the songs on the wall (I already do this with lyrics on paper hanging on the wall)

-project the cover of the book we’re reading while I read it

-project real-life images of things related to the book I read while reading (e.g. a dump truck while reading Tip, Tip, Dig, Dig by Emma Garcia)

-ditto with songs (e.g. a bus while singing wheels on the bus)

That’s not much folks!

Do any of you incorporate digital media in toddler storytime? Baby storytime? If so, what do you do?

Do you see a benefit for doing these things with toddlers and babies? Besides providing information about using media with kids?

I’m really hoping to generate some practical conversation on the topic. I’ve heard so much on the philosophical end and now I’m left with a happy brain and the question, “But HOW?”

There’s a lot out there about using tech in storytimes with older kids (mostly K and up) but I can’t seem to find much for the wee ones. I want to know what you are all doing and what works and doesn’t, or whether you think I’m just plain crazy for even thinking about doing something with toddlers.

So, PLEASE share!