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Self Care Sundays: Epic Road Trip 2015

I’ve been self caring a little too much on Sundays and haven’t even had time to blog about them!

In April I spent a weekend planning an awesome adventure into Oregon. Over the 4th of July weekend we took that trip. It was AMAZING.

Because pictures speak volumes and all that, here’s the photo tour. The one sentence summary: 13 McMenamins in 3 days, a day at Crater Lake, a night in a Florence campground, a night in a Roseburg hotel, and a tired dog.


Crossing into Oregon/Portland


View from McMinnville McMenamins -our first stop


One of the things we had to do for a passport stamp


So many gorgeous ocean and beach pics. We just pulled off the 101 pretty much every chance we got between Lincoln City and Florence.

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20150704_191740 20150704_194627 20150704_194759  20150704_195300  20150704_195314  20150704_201653


Our breakfast on the road to Crater Lake after camping.

The gorgeous Umpqua River!

20150705_104237 20150705_104532

20150705_105200 20150705_105207 20150705_105222 

Almost to Crater Lake. Now, stop taking pictures and drive, Mom!


Crater Lake- gorgeous but a huge tourist trap so we probably don’t ever need to go back. Plus, VERY dog unfriendly. You can’t walk dogs on any of the trails. GRRRR.

20150705_132739 20150705_131334 20150705_130042 20150705_135327 20150705_134531 20150705_144427 20150705_160227 20150705_161039 20150705_162646 20150705_155120 20150705_155907

Some gorgeous falls on the way to Roseburg from the lake.

20150705_181336 20150705_180127

And… the beer. And the gorgeous river front McMenamins in Eugene. This is just a sampling of what was consumed. Surprisingly, Sierra had none.

20150706_131242 20150706_123120 20150706_122245 20150704_092150 20150706_200224