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Adventures in early literacy


My name is Kendra Jones and I am the Deputy Director at the Timberland Regional Library in Washington state.

Where you can find me:

You can find full details about my professional endeavors, including presentations, publications, and press, here.

Co-founder of Storytime Underground

Instagram: @peaceluvbks

Twitter: @klmpeace

Email: peaceluvbks at gmail


Disclaimer: Occasionally very opinionated, so everything I say in this blog is my own opinion and does not necessarily represent the opinions, policies, or attitudes of my employer.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Love it! Sounds like a tasty adventure, something I’m sure Julia Child would giggle over.

  2. I’ve thought about doing something similar, as we have gourmet cooking at home on Friday evenings. Don’t think I have enough time though with other storytime and cpd blogging at and Will follow your blog with interest though!

  3. I just found your blog tonight, and I’ve been reading it and writing down ideas for storytimes for almost 2 hours now! I feel so inspired! I’ve only been doing storytimes regularly since June 2012, and I’m already feeling stuck in my approach to them. I start a new session next week, and I’m so excited to try some new songs, play with shakers and lummi sticks, and get out our parachute! Thank you for taking the time to write about all of the exciting things you’re doing in your storytimes!

    • Oh my gosh! That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said! I’m just so glad you found it helpful. The blog world has made my life so much easier, its nice to pass things on. Let me know how everything goes!

  4. I’m so excited to have found your blog! 🙂

    I’m pretty sure I’ve used it in the last year to help plan some of my storytimes…but now I’m going to see if I can find your baking endeavors as it’s my second favorite thing.

    • Thank you! I’m always interested in fabulous dessert recipes so please feel free to share. And don’t be surprised if you see a post on it shortly after. 😉
      Glad to “meet” another baker!

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