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The Giant Carrot Flannel Friday


Here’s a flannel I’ve yet to try, but am excited to.  I found it in Mother Goose’s Playhouse by Judy Sierra (pg 71 if you have that book). I liked it mostly because we had most of the dies for the animals so it didn’t take long to create. The snail is the only thing I had to do mostly on my own and she’s pretty tiny so it wasn’t a lot of work or time.

It’s a Giant Turnip idea only with a carrot. The rabbit starts and tries to pull it out, but can’t.  Then squirrel comes along to help to no avail, then turtle with the same result. It’s going to be especially fun to make all the groaning and grunting sounds of pulling the carrot.  Finally snail comes along and despite the other animals’ doubts is just the extra muscle they needed to free the carrot. Yay for snails!

Here are the pics:


Snail to the Rescue!


Not so giant carrot is freed

They’ll have to use their imaginations for the “giant” carrot because the die cut was much easier than cutting one out.

Can’t wait to see all the other flannel Fridays!  Check out the roundup at 1234 More Storytimes.


Author: Kendra

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3 thoughts on “The Giant Carrot Flannel Friday

  1. This looks like fun! Although in my version I’d probably have the snail bring an industrial drill and explosive charges.

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